The Challenges of Forgiveness

Forgiving people who have caused us trauma can be very difficult, especially for Christian who are often shamed or made to feel guilty because they struggle to forgive. I see this scenario play out every day in my private counseling practice as I assist individuals who struggle to forgive. forgiveness-1767432_1280-1

 This weekend I read one an excellent best book that describes what is and is not forgiveness. Below is a review.  

Simple yet powerful. That is the best way to describe the latest work Yvonne Ortega entitled “Moving From Broken to Beautiful Through Forgiveness”.

And that is exactly the journey Yvonne takes readers as she carefully breaks down the difficulties and confusion many people have when they think about forgiving those who have caused great hurt and pain. The prospect of forgiving someone who has inflicted severe trauma is never easy and many are left feeling guilty because of their inability to forgive.  

Yvonne provides the answers to the truth behind forgiveness, skillfully utilizing Biblical scripture to reinforce her points. She clarifies what forgiveness really means – and more importantly outlines what forgiveness is not.  This short read is one of the most direct and powerful explanations I have encountered about a topic that is filled with controversy – especially for Christians who are struggling to forgive.

Utilizing her own personal story of abuse, Yvonne discusses the “emotional handcuffs” that forgiveness can bring upon those who believe forgiveness is allowing people to get away with their wrongdoing. As a Christian counselor, I have worked with numerous individuals who have been severely hurt by others. These people struggle to forgive even though they understand the concept of forgiveness as directed through scripture.

The book also provides insightful and thought-provoking exercises to help move someone through the forgiveness process. This interactive approach will provide readers with the tools needed to work through barriers that prevent them from forgiving. But more importantly, the exercises will assist them in experiencing the peace-of-mind they deserve.

This amazing book is going to become a must-read for all of my clients moving forward to assist them in Moving From Broken to Beautiful Through Forgiveness.

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