Are You a Stream or a Puddle?

By Eddie Capparucci, LPC, CSAS, CPCS

“You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.”  Jeremiah 29:13

I am not sure what it is lately but I have been encountering more people who are describing their lives as “dry”. They are extremely busy, yet believe life is passing them by. They are doing much but accomplishing little. In fact, life feels more like existing than living. I know this feeling, I have been there myself. It weighs heavily on the soul and leads to a sense of unfulfillment and even

What are we experiencing during these difficult and trying seasons? We are stuck in our Christian walk. A lack of movement in our Christian life brings with it feelings of emptiness and shame. It is as though we are sitting in the dark waiting for someone to shine a light so we can see where to go next.

We find this place extremely troubling because we are not designed by God to be stuck. Being stagnant is contradictory to the Christian life. We were created to always be moving forward – even if we are taking baby steps – and face the challenges of life head-on. But yet, we sit on the sidelines and within us builds a sense of shame as we distance ourselves from God.

You may have heard this analogy before. The Christian life as a clear, running stream that is pure, cool and refreshing. It is forever moving allowing the rocks –  life’s discomforts – in its path to help keep it clean and alive. And as it moves, it spills over onto the banks bringing life to things around it. When we are running on all spiritual cylinders we are Christian streams gracefully moving and helping inspire those around us to also move.

When we are spiritually-stuck, we are like a puddle of water. That puddle sits still and eventually will become dirty and toxic. Over time, it will simply dry up. As Christians if we elect to be puddles of water, our growth in Christ ceases. We will feel isolated and alone and eventually we will shrivel up. We stop pursuing God and we feel we are surrounded by darkness.

However, if we live our life like a continuously moving stream we will find God playing an active role in all aspects of what we do. We will be full of energy, enthusiasm and most importantly an eternal hope that never fades. This is the path of sanctification and when we stay on it – even in times when we feel like getting off – we continue in our transformation of becoming Christ-like.

We all get spiritually-dry from time to time that is simply part of the Christian walk. But it is during these times we need to pursue God. How? By reaching out to our Christian brothers and sisters for encouragement and fellowship. We need to pray for the energy and motivation to pick up the Bible and read insight God provides that feeds our souls. We should spend time on our knees asking Him to make this difficult season a brief one.

The key is getting your Spiritual thirst fulfilled is moving forward. And moving means doing something that leads in our taking steps in God’s direction.

Eddie Capparucci, LPC is a Christian Counselor in private practice in Marietta, GA.


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